I cannot say enough about this place and the staff. Sara and Liz have been awesome and Dr Weiler is amazing. His knowledge and research in bio-identical hormones has taught me so much about this type of medicine and listening to my body. He has truly changed my life. I now realize that just because a Doctor’s office is doing Hormones and their your OBGYN or Urologist doesn’t mean that they really know how to balance them. I know that this is something that is not taught to Doctors while in School. So now knowing that; it then comes down to the Physician who has decided to open up a book and their mind on a new path to research Hormones and how to dose them properly to each Pt’s needs. Thank you Dr Weiler for being understanding, always answering my questions and helping me change my life forever! If you want to live a long healthy life of anti aging and looking good then this is where you need to be.

Kari G.