Weight Loss with G-Peptide Injections

How G-Peptide Works for Weight Loss*

One of the most successful diets on the market is the G-Peptide injection diet. Patients are able to see rapid weight loss of up to a pound a day*! This medically supervised program is built around a low-calorie diet coupled with small doses of a peptide called Gonadorelin.

Here’s how it works:

A pound of fat contains 3500 calories. If a person needs to lose 10 pounds you must be negative 35,000 calories to lose it. Sounds simple- the only real way to lose weight is to restrict calories. But here is where it gets complicated; if you restrict your calories to 500 a day, you place your body in starvation mode. Your body is designed to try to hold onto fat as much as possible, thus causing your body to break down muscle for the protein it contains.

This is where G-Peptide serves as an important tool to lose weight fast.

The G-Peptide is similar in action to HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.) HCG allows the fetus to utilize the mother’s fat cells for energy to continue growing. It is this ability to preferentially use fat cells for energy during caloric restriction that we use it for a successful weight loss program.

During the low-calorie diet, the G-Peptide allows you to utilize excess fat stores for energy while maintaining muscle tissue. When muscle is lost from the body during a low-calorie diet, it can damage the metabolism and put you at risk of regaining the weight.

After the G-Peptide diet, you will notice your appetite has changed, your eating behavior has changed, and of course, your body has changed. This is the perfect opportunity to transition to a healthy lifestyle to maintain your weight.


Advantages of Using the G-Peptide Diet:

  • Rapid weight loss*
  • No muscle loss
  • Decreases chances of medical conditions associated with obesity such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes
  • G-Peptide makes it less likely for patients to experience fatigue, physical weakness, and mental dullness usually associated with a low-calorie diet
  • Can help jump start the metabolism and build confidence during the transition phase to a healthy lifestyle
  • G-Peptide is thought to reduce hunger pains that almost always accompany low-calorie diets
  • G-Peptide is a cost-effective way to lose weight*. Because pounds are lost so quickly, it is “pound for pound” the cheapest and most painless way to lose weight. It is cheaper than liposuction, weight loss surgery, and most other weight loss programs that require many unproven supplements and food purchases
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