I’m definitely feeling the benefits of the male hormone therapy that I’ve started a couple of months ago. I was looking for some definitive proof of improvement rather than just anecdotal evidence like “I feel better“, so I thought I would share this experience with you….

I’ve been feeling more energized and interested getting some exercise, so I decided to pull my road bike off my garage wall, dust it off, fill up the flat tires, and try to ride around a bit…. I had a pretty regular route that I used to do in my neighborhood and along Shoal Creek, so following exactly that, I managed to do 10 miles the first time on the bike in well over a year!  That was quite a bit more than I expected to be able to do, and I wasn’t overly fatigued afterwards.  Actually, it was my knees rather than my muscles that finally told me it was time to turn around!???. Since that first ride, I’ve tried to ride about once a week and I’m doing 20 miles at a stretch now with no problem and enjoying it quite a bit!  Not too bad for a 68-year-old!  It feels great to be back outside, getting some fresh air and some exercise! Thanks to all of you for your guidance and assistance in helping me gain back some vigor and vitality!